Through Usage of Anonymous, Localized Messages We Want To:

+ Facilitate empathy, transparency, and altruism in communities

+ Bring attention to Ethereum by providing an easy way to gain some Ether

Humans will be able to leave CAPSOLs at locations. A CAPSOL must contain a message and can optionally contain funds in the form of Ether. CAPSOLs are authored anonymously and disappear when someone claims them. What we envision emerging from CAPSOL is a continuum of the human condition with locales being characterized by the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of the gentry. In laymens' terms? Each community is going to have it's own feel and attitude, represented in CAPSOL!


Anonymously Author CAPSOLs & Earn WELS


Use WELS to Find Free Stuff

CAPSOL is at heart a social experiment. What happens when you look at what people have to say with no prejudice attached, no preconceived notions of beauty or ugliness, no limitations or social constraints. As this is a community oriented project, all feedback from the community will be weighed and considered. CAPSOL is what humans make it; exclusive by location, inclusive of anybody.

CAPSOL Will be Developed With a Highly Iterative Approach

feedback, discussion, and research will help guide it's progress. To that end, none of the below is set in stone. CAPSOL will introduce a new token to the Ethereum block-chain: WELS (). Humans toss CAPSOLs containing a message and cryptocurrency, gaining WELS for doing so. CAPSOL has two primary human actions:

System CAPSOL Jackpots

CAPSOL can autonomously toss CAPSOLs, called System CAPSOLs, which contain some Ether from CAPSOL's token contract balance. Humans are incentivized to toss CAPSOLs because:

CAPSOL is a pay-it-forward system. Having a great day? Why not leave a little Ether and brighten a stranger's day; depositing funds in a CAPSOL also rewards the author additional WELS rewarding generosity with more chances of opening System CAPSOLs! An ideal human is generous and active and rewarded for it.

CAPSOL wants to create an economy that propels itself.

WELS holders may cash out at any time for the estimated value of WELS (Token Contract Ether Balance / WELSsupply). The value of CAPSOL is driven entirely by human participation. Humans toss to get a better chance at System CAPSOLs appearing near them and to gain enough WELS to claim them. As mentioned, CAPSOL is a pay-it-forward system. If humans don't contribute, it won't work. That's also why it's an experiment. It's success is entirely up to the human-base.

We need a human graphic designer, hardware, marketing, and it doesn't stop there. Development is an arduous path, full of oil and tears. Mostly tears.

The first round of crowd sale is a flash sale. It opens 11:59pm (Central) on 5/26/2016 and will close 5/29/2016. 5% of all funds that enter the CAPSOL Token Contract for the lifetime of CAPSOL will be paid out as dividends to participants of the this crowdsale, based on their WELS balance.

FIRST ROUND (Flash Presale): WELS will sell for 0.0015 eth per 井0.01

There is no goal. CAPSOL makes what CAPSOL makes. Fifty percent of the capital raised will be sent to CAPSOL's balance and the rest will go towards development. If you are interested in any of the technical details or more granular specifics email us at

CrowdSale Contract: [Rescheduled]


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Future Developments

Handling "Cheating"

So... What's CAPSOL?

A more fair lottery. A message in a bottle. A way to supplement geocaching. A transient, localized message board. A unique platform for the crowd to fund the crowd. An abstract representation of our mortal psyches, preserved through time. An experiment. We want to take our current direction of entertainment and social connectivity and completely flip it. No images. No video. No audio. No notoreity. Just text and money. We want to see if humanity is ready to question their short-sighted narcissism and shallowness.